Monday, June 29, 2015

Great New T-Shirt Designs by Steak

Here at SteakNEgg we are very artistic and sarcastic (as you would know if you listen to our podcast) .  We are also very nice, I swear, sweet as apple pie.  Anyways I was taking a left turn on accident.  What I wanted to share with you today is Steak's new T-shirt design,  The Snorax
"From the hit (fictional) children's book about sleeping instead of doing your environmental duties as a citizen comes a T-Shirt celebrating the wonderful story by Dr. Caboose, The Snorax! Proudly display to the world that you are, indeed, incredibly lazy, and who needs those trees anyways, amiright?! They were just blocking out the sun that you could use to bask in as you peacefully nod off to the sounds of chainsaws and lumber-work."

As always, my son cracks me up.  Love this descripiton.  To get your very
own t-shirt  CLICK HERE

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